Staff Info System

The NTCS Personnel Information System is a tool to organize comprehensive documentation and flexible evaluation of all staff related data.

Applicant Administration

  • Create applicant master data using special data fields, such as place of birth, invalidity, work permit valid to, side jobs, drivers license, future job ambitions, desired salary, photo, etc.
  • Enter data such as previous training and education, experience with time specification
  • Detailed data entry features for qualifications (foreign languages, willingness to travel, ...)
  • Define openings with a list of detailed profile requirements
  • Allocate applicant to opening
  • Flexible comparison options to search for the best candidate
  • Automatic workflow after status change (in development)
  • Automatic correspondence (in standard letter) including archive
  • Master data entry can be applied to various forms

Training and education

  • Optimized transparency for employee training and education
  • Flexible filter features (e.g. list employees for a given training)
  • Archive features for certificates, participation, sponsoring forms, etc.
  • Data entry option for employee training desires with authorization feature

Electronic data sheet

  • Organize employment contract, certificates and other documents within the electronic archive
  • Search features for required documents using definable criteria
  • Documents from within payroll (wage sets etc.) can be attached to the data sheet as an automated sequence

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