Office administration

  • Organize all client, partner, relative and other contact person master data with arbitrary many addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses
  • Organize client contact person, simply attach from within person master data
  • Organize responsible employees per client and/or task areas with variable area definition (responsible accountant; who is in charge of bookkeeping,...)
  • Institution administration (Tax offices, councils, Health insurance and social insurance offices, ..)
  • List generator with various filters, sorting and comparison options, including export and printout of all screen views. Variable field definition per user
  • Print address labels with individually label structure and selection options
  • Administration of customer groups, addressee lists for common evaluations and serial letters
  • Master data update for FIA, own bookkeeping, internal service charges and payroll
  • Access restriction to change system settings, view or access sensitive data, edit databases (archive, companies, data categories) 

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