• The deadline management unfolds its strengths in connection with mail administration. Deadlines are generated or terminated as a result of incoming and outgoing mail. In this manner a powerful instrument has evolved to assist you in never again missing an important deadline (preparation of balance sheet, tax office submission deadlines, etc.)
  • View and search for deadlines by employee, deadline type and customer
  • Complete, delegate and allocate deadlines to other staff members and track progress in „History“ (who did what and when?)
  • Deadlines will be set with incoming mail and completed with outgoing mail
  • Some deadlines in outbox also cause quota settlement
  • Reminder functions promptly inform the operator by e-mail or SMS and prevent that important deadlines are missed
  • Weekly and fully automated handout of deadline list to all members of staff!

Deadline Extension and Quotas

  • Entry of planning, completion, delivery plan and delivery date
  • Entry of deadline extensions
  • Screen display tax office with current quota statistics and plan shortfall warning
  • Quota list with various selection criteria
  • Deadline extension list with or without delivery date and sorting features by fee and clerk


Deadline Extension and Quotas

Deadline Administration Commercial Registry

  • Supervision of submission dates at commercial registry
  • Entry of progress with differentiation of dimension classes
  • Commercial registry charge list according to different criteria

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