Campaign Management

BMD Organizer is a management system to record customer and supplier contact data. Data is secured to the contact journal from where it can be statistically assessed. Information includes:


Correspondence (e.g. DMS documents)

  • Telephone calls
  • Appointments
  • Tasks
  • Deadlines
  • Event planner

The Campaign Management module is a supplement to the existing contact journal providing enhanced evaluations of BMD NTCS Organizer data. This program will provide various customer contact presentations:

Contact journal

Journal of all contacts with customer



Contact statistic

Evaluation of customer contacts including type of contact and period with simultaneous contact display

Contact statistic

Comparison: compare customer contacts between two periods

Contact control

Tabular evaluation of customer contacts per contact type and period

Assess statistic on customer increase or decrease. Various evaluation options, e.g. display all customer contacts for a given period including person X and staff member Y.

Marketing specials can be performed for the selected customers, tasks or serial letters created. Customers can be exported to MS Outlook:

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