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BMD Com Client Information System

Integrating clients into your internal information network via BMD com allows new dimensions of information access for clients. Through a web portal your clients can access data you choose to share for web access


Information can be accessed any place with internet access. The client can retrieve data that is stored at your firm from anywhere once it has been released to him/her.


For example a business person in negotiations abroad has an urgent requirement for his partnership agreement or balance sheet data. If your firm uses the BMD communication platform and stores this data in the archive, it is no problem to simply retrieve this information via the web. 

Similarly, they could retrieve current numbers from the financial accounts. BMD.COM is a virtual self-service shop for clients, 24-hours a day, from any place in the world information can be retrieved.


BMD.COM also allows pre-entry of Financial Accounting and Payroll data. Using a Scan module provided by BMD original invoices can be scanned and transferred electronically.

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