BSR-plus bundles several different and independent functions:

Offset rules 

You can define offset rules with which it is decided under which conditions companies of a group charge services amongst each other.  In this way, double turnover really come to be in the accounting (as opposed to the package BSR-service exchange). There is an „external turnover“ for the project leading company and an „internal turnover“  for the employee leading company. The fee of the employee leading company turns into the cost of sales of the project leading company.

Reporting external/internal turnover 

In all BSR-reports it is possible to report external turnover and internal turnover separately and/or jointly.

Individualised classification/representation of sales 

Group projects or their projects can be classified within a department with turnover lines. This enables an individualised classification/representation of turnover in BSR-reports without having to manipulate the „correct“ customer or group data.


In the BSR-period admin it is possible to work with sub-periods. With it you can reconstruct report conditions for use later by „freezing“ them within a reporting month.

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