BSR branch operation

Your software for multiple locations: branch-specific functions  

When your enterprise operates from several locations, irrespective of whether with only ONE or more databases, branch-specific functions can be set with this package:

  • Limit of project and employee search routines. You control who can use what project, e.g. employees of branch 1 primarily the projects of branch 1.  
  • Own hourly rates can be lodged per branch.  
  • Carry out reports either for your entire enterprise or per branch.


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Simple service exchange between branches  

Do you use more than one database for your branch operations?  With this software you can simply „send“ services from branch to branch. E.g. when services are rendered at one branch, but billed in another. Your advantage: fully automatic (i. e. without manipulation by a user) sending of data to another branch. For BSR-software self-evident: all reports consider the peculiarities of service exchange between branches!

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