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Reporting System

Print Annual Financial Statement

The following features are available when printing the annual financial statement:

  • The standard printing sequence can be supplemented with other printing elements (documents).
  • Configure your own cover (eventually with logo) and separator.
  • Automatic table of content and page numbering.
  • Unfinished documents that cannot be printed will be marked in a gray shade. Hence, simply select all and still know what can and cannot be printed.
  • Select between various printers and printer trays.
  • Following settings can be made for all printouts (see image):

    • Begin with new page number
    • Number of PYs to be printed
    • Lowest classification level (e.g. all titles with letters, Roman or Arabic characters)
    • Print with or without account details
    • Print percent calculation (e.g. % value of FS sums, % value of sales)
    • CY/PY in 1000

  • The current printing sequence can be client relatedly saved and re-selected at any point in time.
  • Call a print preview to view, print or email.


The BMD report navigator will give you command of your information.

Apart from the various printing features in NTCS reporting system, the BMD report navigator is a brilliant screen presentation instrument.

The Navigator automatically creates a compressed structure of your evaluations, reports and diagrams.

Simply use your mouse to select the report components to be illustrated:




An additional Navigator feature is the „Detail-View“. From with the report, a simple click to access accounts and individual postings and then back to the FS. Never lose track again:

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