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BMD Project Solution has been designed especially for enterprises dealing with project related tasks e.g. company consultants, architects, engineer offices, as well as industrial and manufacturing companies.

Project orientation, project control - projects are generally an everyday companion in the professional everyday life. Whether customer orders or internal projects - both need control and monitoring systems, as well as a means to measure of progress and success.

The features to record project related costs, orders, times, investments, as well as tasks and appointments have been included in all BMD programs. This results in comprehensive data recording of all project coherent processes.

BMD has created the Project Navigator to provide a compact information and navigation user interface.

The Project Navigator is there to provide a link and access to information stored within BMD System Software Modules required for specific company tasks and projects.

It is therefore, as with all other navigators, an NTCS development tool. The essential advantage lies in easy accessibility to information. It provides all those involved with essential and circumstantial information without the necessity of detailed program knowledge.

The Project Navigator will provide insight to all project associated orders, assignments, delivery notes and invoices, as well as related telephone calls, appointments or documents.

The Contact Journal is a complete, chronological representation of all actions taken in association with a project.

Complete cost control is a definite plus for allProject Managers. All costs, whether from Service Entry, Accounting, Wage Settlement or Central Administrative Costs will be transferred directly to the project cost centre and reflect the current project status at the touch of a button. Furthermore, you can use the Plan/Actual comparison to monitor project progress and outstanding costs.

Service Entry is the central tool for cost entry. All the same whether you are on the go or in the office with a customer. The costs can be entered at any time via an Internet-based HTML-service recording system. All induced costs saved within the project cost unit and can be listed in brief or detailed form.




The BMD Reporting System can be used to generate a project status report with all relevant project data. The report can be viewed in various formats all depending on the recipient target group (e.g., project manager or management).

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