PPS - Basic Module


  • Create production assignments (with/without delivery date)
  • Modify production assignment BOMs
  • Select level release
  • Define process instructions
  • Generate production assignments based on order suggestions
  • View /edit production assignments
  • Evaluation and/or printout for set assembly
  • Quantity BOM by order / production assignment etc.
  • Unit allocation as screen view or printout
  • Evaluate production admissions
  • Production completion report (admission finished product / withdrawal units, readiness for delivery)

Production assignment

All self-produced articles can be organized within a data system using the BMD production assignment. Determine the release of individual or complete BOMs. Creating a production assignment will report to stock to reserve the required product units and components. All used material will be booked from stock upon product completion.

  • Create BOMs with production instructions
  • Allocate production to various departments
  • Generate PA either manually or based on order suggestion
  • Define a delivery date either per position or for the complete assignment
  • Adapt and/or modify BOM for specific assignments
  • Quantity illustration of components for the complete production or for production parts
  • Printout of PA using form generators (individual printout settings)
  • Production summary per article and delivery date with illustration of complete production quantity and the required components per department
  • Material planning
  • Automatic stock booking upon product completion – required material, as well as quantities produced and quantities to be produced can still be edited. Partial/complete component stock admissions and withdrawals
  • Calculation of average cost price for all new productions based on components required
  • Automatic printout of delivery note for assignment related productions
  • Automatic level allocation for multi-level productions with printout of respective production assignment

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