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BMD Production Planning and Control System

Easy Production Data Recording (PDR) by BMD

  • Promotes a smooth flow of production steps
  • Assists in standardization processes
  • Ensures a lower error rate
  • Succeeds in meeting quality standards
  • Enables rapid training of new employees

BMD PDR supplies information directly to the workplace and actively supports employees. It is easy to use and situated at the actual location of production.


Production Data Recording is part of Production Control. In combination with Production Planning this comprehensive module support the following areas:

  • Production planning
  • Material requirements planning
  • Procution process planning


With BMD Production Planning and Control your benefits are obvious.

The PPS-Module is fully integrated with Project Planning and Personnel Assignment Planning as well as with the complete BMD suite. With the completely seamless lot-traceability you have:

  • Complete overview of the entire value chain
  • Minimized tracking costs and a simplified product recall
  • Legal protection through comprehensive documentation
  • Easy analysis of the collected data

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