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BMD Payments provides an intelligent interface to your bank. 

Payments solution

  • Guarantees support for your on-going banking transactions, 
  • Adapts to your business processes,
  • Optimizes your banking transactions with smart remittance, collection and payment proposals.

Accomplish your daily banking operations efficiently, professionally and traceably with the BMD Payments module. Automate various functions to save you time and money. It provides full integration with other BMD modules:

BMD Financial Accounting

  • Transfer purchase and sales invoices
  • Automatic entry of all payments with the same record in the OI-administration
  • Automatic entry of indents on clearing accounts
  • Automatic entry of bank statements including records in OI-administration
  • Entry to Cost Accounting

BMD PI-check 

  • Transfer purchase invoices including release codes/number locks
  • Transfer notes and changes during the approval process
  • View approval workflow including log file

BMD Document Management System 

  • Direct link of scanned purchase invoices to supplier payment proposals
  • Direct link of original sales invoices to payment slips
  • Auto-archive printouts/confirmations/advice notes

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