Long term and plan FS

Long-term financial plan

The long-term financial plan builds on your budget planning and can be assessed both according to direct and indirect methods. The basis for calculation are previously lodged planned values as well as the historic payment keys on the basis of previous financial accounting.

Your advantages:

  • Dynamic calculation (access to detailed plans of the budget)  
  • Automatic calculation of interest, depreciation, personnel costs etc. based on the planned values 
  • Representation of any number of scenarios (normal-, best-, worst-case)
  • Numerous export and processing options (report, Excel, PDF-files)   

Budgeted balance sheet

The development of assets and liabilities is derived from the long-term financial plan taking the historical payment key into consideration. The budgeted balance sheets reflects the preliminary result based on the previously assessed budget/financial plan. The practical detailed access ensures highest transparency and traceability.

Short-term financial plan

The short-term financial plan is primarily based on accounting data (posted II, PI). The substance over form period can lie between days and 12 weeks.  


  • Blocking codes: Stay in control and block customers or individual invoices for the calculation. Data is applied from fiac and can be completed in any form.  
  • For diverse expenses (utilities, rent) you can define additional payment terms.
  • Lodge individually tailored instalment plans for customers.

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