Cost Accounting Basis (Cost Centers)

The cost accounting basic package offers you full cost control. Create and change cost centres conveniently with freely designable entry features. Cost centres can be both alphanumeric and numeric.

Tree allocation-Programme

The clear graphic representation for the aggregation of cost centres is possible in any number of groups and on any number of levels. In addition, you benefit from multilingual cost centre-, account- and classification text names for you foreign language reports. 

Application and apportionment key  

The application and apportionment keys for fixed and/or variable costs are recorded per percentage, account, classification, reference size or quantity. Alternatively, year and month keys can be created. The fully automated allocation of amounts to cost centres significantly simplifies your task.  

Further advantages:

  • Entry of cost accounting basics directly under the accounts (manually, fixed or as per application key)  
  • Recalculation for changes in key or when using other basic data  
  • Partial apportionment: parts of a cost centre can be apportioned with several different keys  
  • Average calculation  
  • Automatic mark-up calculation on all levels (points, classification, account)  

The programme offers you flexibility both in the representation of the apportionment, as well as in the design of the charging and crediting of the cost types. 

Classification texts and accounts 

Benefit from the following functions:

  • Many standards in package (classifications, reports, printouts)  
  • Entry of any number of classification texts  
  • Simple allocation of corresponding accounts to classification lines  
  • Lodging of quantity codes on the account  


Use the many advantages offered by direct posting to cost accounting. 

  • Entry of a deviating cost account  
  • Breakdown of a posting per percentage or amount over any number of cost types  
  • Entry of quantities and reference quantities  
  • Entry of a deviating coac-period or a month splitter in order to distribute expenses factored to the cost accounting  
  • Correction of faulty coac-entries  

Calculatory postings (interest, depreciation, management wage) can either be recorded manually or imported.  

The following useful auxiliary programmes exist in the basic package Coast Accounting: 

  • Sum check to verify fiac/coac parity  
  • Carry year forward: selective application of specific master data and values  
  • Consolidation with option to foreign currency conversion  
  • Value distribution

The key figure compiler gives you an overview. Needless to say including all basic data such as postings, balances and quantities. 


Full flexibility through individually tailored display forms. All analyses are aggregated or shown detailed in tree or point structures, as well as classification levels. 

The analysis programme boasts:   

  • Comparisons to planned or previous year values  
  • Selectable apportionment versions and displays  
  • Access to any number of classification texts  
  • Standard printouts, itemised statements, period overviews, horizontal analyses based on classifications or cost centres,  
  • Choice of posting version considering all or specific postings only  

You can obviously export the analyses to an Excel-file. You also receive multilingual analyses at the push of a button. 


Reporting gives you a screen query programme for all versions of cost accounting with access to current values, plan data and previous year values. As standard you can export or print each screen view. Deviation symbols and automatically generated diagrammes guarantee a clear representation.

Further options

  • Call-up of period overview on each level  
  • Itemised statement of postings and quantities incl. access to voucher  
  • Flexible display of periods via timeline  
  • Multi-year reports
  • Full integration into BMD environment (fiac, asac, ERP, CAR/ARI etc.)

The report designer is an integral tool for the individual design of your printouts. You decide the content (period, posting versions, classification, foreign language, sequence, with or without apportionment etc.)  as well as the formatting of columns and lines. 

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