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BMD Cost Accounting software – keep an eye on the cost

BMD Cost Accounting creates cost transparency. It provides a solid base of information in planning and controlling costs in your company. It covers the following areas

  • Full costing
  • Marginal costing
  • Standard costing
  • Contribution margin accounting

Cost type

Apart from cost centers and cost units, three additional user-defined cost types are available:

  • Departments
  • Dimensions
  • Business areas

Any number of trees and nodes can be defined with BMD Cost Accounting. Allocation keys allow the allocation of costs by percentage or by allocation base to cost centres, cost units, and three other user-defined costs.  Different allocation options allow allocating from auxiliary cost centres to main cost centres and/or cost units.


Enter budgeted values and quantities for the five cost types with the BMD COAC-planning module, create scenarios and budget according to cost type, and then simply use COAC-planning in the overall budget.


Clear and easy to use analyses in various reports provide information about cost - and revenue streams:

  • Evaluate single costs or all cost types combined 
  • Compare budgeted and previous years values
  • Click through from the outline to the document 
  • Graphical representation via Reporting

Additional features

BMD Cost Accounting also allows:

  • Manual entry of imputed bookings
  • Calculation of key figures
  • Flexible display of periods using a dynamic bar
  • Screen lists of COAC queries
  • Creation of individual reports with the evaluation designer

Well informed

BMD Cost Accounting provides an important basis for decision. It helps you to plan and control your costs. You understand where the costs were incurred, in what amount and how they have evolved so that you can respond flexibly and appropriately.

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