Balancing Base module add-on: Tax calculation

With this add-on calculate E1, U1 and K1 tax declarations all required auxiliary explanations and supplements.

The following features make your work easier

  • Direct input into forms or text fields
  • View previous year’s figures
  • Automatically transfer balances, calculations and accounts from accounting book
  • Plausibility checks when entering or transferring data
  • Profit sharing and automatic posting for partnerships

Conclude by printing declarations including all supplementary forms with supporting calculation sheets and electronically submit to tax authority via FinanzOnline or WebService.

Add-on: Tax Calculation Additional Tax Types

Create the following tax returns with this module:

  • L1
  • E6 with Verf60 and all auxiliary explanations and supplements
  • E7
  • K2 with all auxiliary explanations and supplements
  • K3
  • Kr1 (vehicle tax return)
  • Ka1
  • Geb1
  • Verf15
  • Verf24
  • Verf25
  • WA1

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