Balancing Base module

BMD Balancing base module is a convenient and effective tool to create monthly reports, financial statements and related analyses.

BMD Checklists

When handling large projects, such as the creation of balance sheets, audit reports or financial statements, you most likely want to answer the following questions first:
What should be done? When, in which order, where and how?

BMD Balancing Base module will help you answer these questions and guide you through the different steps.

All necessary steps are summarized in checklists. You will find different task groups such as “preparations”, “analyses”, “balance sheet addendums”, etc. With a mouse click you can start the individual task.

You can customize checklists individually – add or delete individual tasks or task groups, change the order of tasks, adapt the programme sequence to your workflow. Every employee knows immediately what to do and in which order.

Other benefits of Checklists:

  • View the status of the work in progress through symbols (open, in progress, completed, not necessary)
  • Add notes to any step
  • Define standard processes (e.g. creation of financial statement, balance sheet, audit report).

Account classification

Standard Classifications are available for all reports and analyses provided by BMD.

You can modify these classifications at any time to suit your needs:

  • Change the classification of accounts quickly and easily with a mouse click.
  • Select multiple accounts at once and (re)classify them.
  • Create customer-specific classification text or change standard classification text per customer.
  • Use the classification from the standard chart of accounts or from an existing customer. 
  • Make use of the “Standard classification” to classify accounts only once and ensure that all analyses are auto-corrected. 
  • Let the programme automatically check the technical accuracy of classifications 


Run BMD standard reports with a mouse click or individually customize reports. Any number of new reports can be added.

  • Base reports on up to four previous years’ data
  • Compare year-over-year data
  • Report nominal or percentage values
  • Control report detail levels  
  • Quickly toggle between reports

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