Asset Accounting Basis

BMD Asset accounting provides all features for your daily requirements. With the variable Excel-Import you have the option to apply asset data from various foreign systems. The application of assets admissions directly from FIAC is fully automatic. 

Easy posting

Irrespective whether admissions, asset expansion or partial and total disposals - the posting programme significantly simplifies the task. Take variable Field selection for example, one of the many practical features:    

  • Straight line and declining balance method of depreciation, as well as write down
  • LVA management and plants under construction  
  • Automatic calculation of premature depreciation  
  • Comparison of asset accounts and fiac-impersonal accounts, as well as recording of possible differences  
  • All depreciation can be calculated and changed at any time, for example for a company audit.




Clear reports

For a clear overview. The representation of asset schedules, asset account overview and asset details are absolutely practical and in one window. In addition you can have 

  • lists of admissions and disposals,
  • securities,
  • reposting and valuation reserve lists, as well as 
  • preview lists for depreciation and valuation reserves prepared.

The report designer provides a flexible tool suited entirely to your individual needs. 

Efficient sorting and filtering options guarantee the highest transparency. From the overview with all values you reach the respective assets allocated and are able to easily follow all details.

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