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Quality Management BMD

At BMD, Quality Management is an icon of comprehensible and optimized processes; triggered by an idea, routed through a development phase and structured for software sales – our goal: long term customer satisfaction:

We strive to decode customer requirements into our programs and services. All customer specifications flow progressively with our BMD Software New Development and Advancement program. New developments are attended to by state of the art specialists from the initial to the final stages of production.

Our BMD Academy Trainers test the Software in suitability for daily use.

Quality Management (QM) generally stands for complete organizational measures that serve to achieve all forms of improvement in product, process and service.

These organizational measures play an essential role in day-to-day Software Manufacturer operations. Each and every course of action – from the initial thought of a prospect program feature, through to software implementation – must be monitored and documented.

Measures also apply to these processes and task structures, as for example „ISO 9000“, the central orientation point of BMD SYSTEMHAUS QM. Adherence to these measures is monitored in the form of “Audit” Meetings. The goal of such an Audit is to optimize tasks and processes to guarantee and maintain consistently high quality standards.

„BMD sets quality at the level customers set the benchmark”, our slogan for BMD-Quality Management System, as well as the incitement to fulfill customer requirements - today and in the future. 


Company profile

BMD is a manufacturer of high quality commercial expertise software and is one of the leading software vendors in Austria.

Founded:in 1972 in Neuzeug  
Locations:  Steyr (headquarters), Vienna, Salzburg, Hamburg, Munich, Budapest, Bratislava, Prague, Frauenfeld (Switzerland)
Employees:more than 450 (including 105 software developers, 270 support staff, 20 technicians, 70 sales and administration staff) 
Sales:€ 44,7 million
Customers:more than 28.000, of which 
about 24.000 use ACCOUNT (comprehensive accounting solutions), 
about 1.800 use CONSULT (comprehensive solution for tax advisors and auditors),  
and about 3.500 use COMMERCE (invoice and complete ERP-solution); 
about. 80.000 users
Certifications:ISO 9001 certified since 1996, 
Certified Accounting by System Audit, 
GOB-certification by PricewaterhouseCoopers 

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